Welcome to the slow life

at La Bagnaia Golf Resort

The buildings composing the Resort go back long time in history, as the hamlets’ origins are lost is the early Middle Ages, most probably around the year 800 a.C. when the Barbarians were occupying Italy. After a long period of prosperity, the village started depopulating and the rebirth came several decades later, when the notable Jacopo Bichi bought the whole estate including all houses, cultivated fields, springs and woods.

The Bichi family fell in love with the estate and built their residence here, restoring ancient houses, infrastructure and the church. Nowadays, the care of the current owners has given us this unique Resort, that includes the medieval village of Filetta, once a medieval horse station dating back to 1.000 years ago, the ancient baths of Santa Caterina, now Buddha Spa, surrounded by the remains of the ancient castles and unspoiled forests.